Example v1.0

Designed by: Dean Hewson




Basic Instructions

Work your way through the options on the right of the toolkit, from top to bottom. Move each a little, then a lot to try and get a feel for what it does.

How to Use a User Toolkit might help if you’re stuck. You can also post in this toolkit’s Group to get help from the community.

User Toolkit


User Toolkits let users customise or cocreate their own members of a product family.

Customising parametric models creates data that we can then use to improve the design. For example, the values you see in this small spreadsheet are the averages of the parameters for every model that a user has finished and clicked the button ‘Send Paramaters to Testbatch’ in the Example model. Much deeper data analysis is possible.

Enter the values from the spreadsheet into the Example User Toolkit above to see the ‘average’ Example model of all the attempts made by people so far.

Project Development

This is an overview of the Project Development part of Testbatch for this product. Community members can make suggestions and give feedback there, or in the toolkit’s group.

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Example User Toolkit Testbatch

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Project Description

This is the project page for the Example User Toolkit.

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July 1, 2017

End Date

December 1, 2017


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Launch v1.0 September 15, 2017


Gather Feedback and Data September 30, 2017


Implement Feedback to improve the design October 6, 2017


Evaluate progress, reframe goals, and start again October 8, 2017

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