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How to use a User Toolkit

User Toolkits are a bridge between designers, manufacturers, complex 3D modelling software, and people who know what they need to or would like to make but haven’t spent years learning how to make it.

The key is they’re not for making anything, they’re for making something specific. That way, the possible outcomes a user can create with one can be limited to be manufacturable, the variables you can change can be refined so that all possible outcomes are high quality designs, and the controls simplified so the end user can create cool things without having to be 3D modelling experts.

Here’s the short version of the instructions for using User Toolkits on Images and further explanation will be coming soon.

  1. Find a toolkit that can make something you’re interested in
  2. Go to that User Toolkit’s product page
  3. Check the instructions to learn how the Toolkit works
  4. Click the User Toolkit tab
  5. Change the parameters a little, then a lot, then tweak them until you’ve made something you like
  6. Send the results to yourself and/or Testbatch, and depending on the Toolkit download your creation
  7. Fill out a short follow-up survey
  8. Optional – spend ʘ to get one on one assistance taking your creation further


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