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How to take the next step with your 3D model

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You’ve created and downloaded a design – now, what to do with it?

There are a lot of options. The three that you can get help with from Testbatch are;

  1. Visualising and sharing it with an online viewer
  2. Find a way to get it made
  3. Add it back to Testbatch as an ‘Outcome’ that other people can download
  4. Get some technical design assistance customising it further than you could using the Toolkit

To start a conversation with us on how to make any of these happen, you can ‘buy’ some one-on-one assistance on the User Toolkits page – select an option from the dropdown, then Add to Cart. It costs a little bit of the ʘ you have earned by being part of the community during the research phase.

A really mature User Toolkit that has undergone many iterations will create models that can be easily manufactured – younger Toolkits may have models that have problems like dodgy wall thicknesses, missing faces or be way too big to fit in a print bed. To get them made, you’ll need help from someone who can fix those problems.



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