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How to earn Community Currency – ʘ

At least for now, the Testbatch community is using a community currency, where people earn Testbucks (ʘTB) by using the site. Almost all interactions on the site generate between 1 and 10 ʘ for the user.

Those ʘ can then be used to buy, for example, customisations to objects, or 3D printable quality files, or instructions to manufacture outcomes.

They also might help the community create a system for accountable governance and collective ownership of the platform, as a fair accounting of work done is required when trying to figure out how much of a reward or recompense a community member is due. The Platform Cooperative model may be what Testbatch pursues next.

Current ʘ Earning Actions

ʘ5: Registering for the site
ʘ1: Daily Login
ʘ1: Viewing Content
ʘ3 – ʘ10: Publishing Content
ʘ1: Leaving Comments
ʘ1: Referring Visitors
ʘ5: Referring new Members
ʘ1: Posting Profile Activity
ʘ1 – ʘ5: Group changes
ʘ1 – ʘ5: Submitting Forms
ʘ1: Leaving Reviews

Comment here or in the Community Currency group if you have anything to say about ʘ, or any problems with it.

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