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Ervu 1.1 – Ervu 1.2

  • Changed Point 0 to Point one for ease of understanding
  • Added visual aids to points and electrons to denote which object the parameter controls
  • Reduced length of text in the User Toolkit to fit more of the message into the screen
  • Created new and improved GIFs for each step in the process, with a focus on explaining the actions of individual parameters
  • Updated instructional text
  • Made it so the Step 1 points no longer showed when working on the Step 2 Surface
  • Simplified project listing
  • Change subject of emaidl recieved on model submission from Forma to Ervu
  • Add explanatory GIFs to the Ervu instructions
  • Made it possible to name your Outcome
  • Create a Making Method so people can elect to have their model offered as an Outcome on
  • Continue to improve the emails and information around this project


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