Emails and Surveys

Current copies of most of the non system workflow emails sent to research participants and all surveys or polls participants are asked to complete will be archived here.


Emails that are part of marketing or follow up campaigns will be linked to from here. System workflow emails (basically anything automatically generated) are excluded from being shared here. At this stage, we try to have informal email conversations rather than build a precise marketing workflow. The latter will come in time, but for now I believe it is better to have a human in the process.

These emails will also change incrementally over the course of the Research Project (and beyond). We will endeavour to keep the latest version linked here, but will not be publicly sharing all revisions of emails. We’re just not that organised.

Email - model download follow up

Welcome to the Testbatch Community!

Sent after someone first signs up for the site. The goal is to give people an idea about what to do next, and to learn how they can get help on Testbatch.

You wouldn’t download a model…?

A follow-up sent when a user downloads a digital model through Testbatch. The goal is to find out what people are doing with the files once they have them, and start an ongoing email conversation about what they might like to do with it. For people that have done something with their model, it will be a nudge to share that success with the rest of the community.

Let’s Talk 3D Printing

Sent when someone orders a quote for 3D printing. This email is to help start and frame the conversation. It offers levels of engagement and assistance that give all skill levels a way to get involved.

Let’s get Customise-y

Sent when someone requests a quote for customisation of a model or toolkit.


Surveys that will be used directly as part of the formal research will be archived here.

Revisions will be stored internally on the website and archived at the end of the project, but only the most recent will be shared here.

It is worth noting that informal surveys, in the form of discussions etc will be had by the community on this site without the researchers direct involvment. Where possible, they too will be archived as part of the repository of knowledge developed through the use of this platform.

Pic of consent form

User Registration

Email address and a username of course, but also an attempt to capture key demographic information. This demographic information is private by default, however community members are able to change who can see it, meaning it becomes visible on their user profile page.

Research Participant Information and Consent Form

Unless the consent form has been submitted, community members are unable to have their data be used as part of the research project. Automated processes to find and follow up with any active community members who have not submitted the consent form will be live before members join this platform.

Ervu Outcome Creation Follow Up Survey 

This survey sits just underneath the User Toolkit on the Ervu page. By finding out what the designer’s goal was in creating an outcome and how they feel about it, we’ll gain insight into what we need to better cater for with the toolkit. It is also designed to get people thinking in a more ‘designerly’ way about what they’re doing.

Outcome Sharing Information and Consent Form

This form is completed by people who have created something with a User Toolkit that is worth sharing as an Outcome.

All User Toolkits

Please note that in a way every User Toolkit itself is a survey, as they collect data based on user input and that data is used to inform research and insight generation, but they are also more. See the Data and Privacy section for more about how the data handling aspects of User Toolkits are managed.

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