Testbatch is a collaborative experiment, undertaken as part of Dean Hewson’s research at the University of Canberra.

At the end of the research period, the community who has grown to use Testbatch will decide where it should go next.

I’m asking 1 main question and two sub-questions in my research.

How can data generated by user customisation of 3D digital designs democratise the Industrial Design process?

Can a user generated data based design process enable fairer methods of user/designer collaboration?
How can insights from user generated data be used effectively in the early stages of the industrial design process?

Designers and users can collaborate here on developing ‘User Toolkits’ and creating objects with them.

User toolkits  let people create their own version of a design.

In a mature toolkit, that design version could then be manufactured. In an immature or developing tookit, those designs, the data and the conversation around them helps designers and users make decisions about how the options and outputs of a user toolkit should change to improve the toolkit.