Ownership, Trademark and Copyright

Who owns the designs?

The type of open, data guided, community driven, and collaborative product design and development we’re doing at Testbatch doesn’t fit neatly into the current legal frameworks that govern the ownership, trademark, copyright and intellectual property of designs.

To try and get around this lack of clarity, at least for now, Testbatch uses Creative Commons licensing. Toolkits are usually licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Outcomes made with those toolkits are licensed similarly, if more flexibly. Where along the open-closed licensing spectrum designers would like their outcomes or toolkits to be on this site is up to them. It is also fine to use other licensing regimes for your objects.

The main goal is to ensure that if anyone is going to make money from a toolkit or an outcome designed with it, then the original designers should get some of that money. How well our method would protect a designers in a court however is unknown, and all users of this platform do so at their own risk in this respect.

My hope is that we can start to work out how this should work, together. Please comment below or through one of the other methods of getting in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback or advice to give on this.

Ownership of the testbatch.com.au platform

I, Dean Hewson own this website, and have funded it’s development and put in the hours to make it happen. I am open to it being owned by the community that uses it, or turning it into a startup business after the research period is over. All users will be given a chance to have their research data deleted if/when a change is made.