Designing better, together.

The Testbatch Process

Step 1

Design always starts with a question, an idea, a problem to solve.

We try to find answers to these questions by developing User Toolkits that lets people create one outcome from a huge range of possibilities.

Try out the Example User Toolkit here.

Step 2

Create Stuff

Change size, or shape, or colour, or… whatever parameters have been left open when we designed the User Toolkit.

Collect Data

When you’re done creating, there’ll be a way to submit your outcome’s parameters to Testbatch, as well as your thoughts and advice.

Talk about it

For every Toolkit, there is also a Group where we can have open discussions about the toolkit and what we’ve made with it.

Step 3

Analyse Data

All the qualitative and quantitative data created through the use of and discussion around the toolkit is pulled together and analysed.

Share Insights

The insights generated from the data are then shared with the community, as well as the data used to generate the insights (when safe and appropriate).

Make Decisions

We talk about what we could or should change in a toolkit, and decide on the next steps. The Projects keep everyone on the same page.

Start Again?

Design is iterative and always ongoing. So now, armed with new insights and solutions, we re-frame the question and start the process again.



Posting in Groups, commenting on a page or post, or on a Project will get your question seen by the rest of the community –
and might help solve someone else’s problem too.

Getting Help

Most of the left hand sidebars have a contact form that sends your issue through to Testbatch. We can then troubleshoot your issue or talk through your question, together. You can also get help in the Questions and Support group.


If you have any questions about or problems with the research project, please contact Dean through the details on the Research Participant Information and Consent Form